About the Hub

The Hub was established by the Y-Foundation (Finland) and FEANTSA (European Federation of National Organisations Working with Homeless People), along with more than 15 partners in July 2016.

What is Housing First?

Housing First is an internationally evidence-based approach, which uses independent, stable housing as a platform to enable individuals with multiple and complex needs to begin recovery and move away from homelessness.

Through the provision of intensive, flexible and person-centred support, 70-90% of Housing First residents are able to remain housed. Having a place to call home also leads to improvements in health and wellbeing, and reduces ineffective contact with costly public services.

Unlike other supported housing models, individuals do not need to prove they are ready for independent housing, or progress through a series of accommodation and treatment services. There are no conditions placed on them, other than a willingness to maintain a tenancy agreement, and Housing First is designed to provide long-term, open-ended support for their on-going needs.

Core principles of Housing First

Commitment to the core principles of Housing First

All partners who join the Hub are asked to confirm their commitment to the core principles of Housing First as described in the Housing First Europe Guide:

  1. Housing is a human right
  2. Choice and control for service users
  3. Separation of housing and treatment
  4. Recovery orientation
  5. Harm reduction
  6. Active engagement without coercion
  7. Person-centred planning
  8. Flexible support for as long as is required

Founding & Associate Partners

Founding Partners:

  • Y-Foundation, Finland
  • Belgian Ministry for Social Integration, Belgium
  • Crisis, UK
  • Dihal, France
  • EST Métropole Habitat, France
  • Fondation Abbé-Pierre, France
  • Focus Ireland, Ireland
  • Grand Lyon, France
  • HOGAR SÍ, Spain
  • Ministerio Derechos Sociales y Agenda 2030, Spain
  • Rock Trust – Scotland, UK
  • Saint John of God, Spain
  • Stadsmissioner, Sweden
  • Turning Point – Scotland, UK


  • ANSA – Agence nouvelle des solidarités actives, France
  • Asociacion Provivienda, Spain
  • Danish Board of Social Services, Denmark
  • Depaul, Ireland
  • fio.PSD
  • Greater Manchester Housing First, UK
  • Homelessness Australia, Australia
  • Homeless Link, UK
  • Homelesss Network Scotland, Scotland/UK
  • Housing Finance and Development Centre, Finland
  • Housing First Berlin, Germany
  • Housing First für Frauen, Germany
  • Housing First Nederland, Netherlands
  • Husbanken, Norway
  • HVO-Querido, Netherlands
  • Limor, Netherlands
  • Liverpool City Region Combined Authority, UK
  • Respond, Ireland
  • Simon Communities, Ireland
  • Simon Community, Scotland/UK
  • Strasbourg Eurométropole, France
  • World Habitat, UK

Join the Hub

To join the Hub as an Associate partner, organisations should agree to commit to the core principles of Housing First, as set out in the Housing First Europe Guide, and to be engaged in or working towards scaling up Housing First in their community and across Europe.

Associates to the Hub have access to all Hub services including:

  • All communications including the website and newsletter
  • The option to include their logo on the Hub website
  • The opportunity to co-produce tools, etc., with the Hub through participation in work clusters (the primary work method of the Hub. Participation can be on the basis of interest and expertise, and by invitation).  
  • The opportunity to propose new themes for Work Clusters by making a proposal to the Hub Coordinators, and linking with other Hub associates and founding partners. The Coordinators will determine if the proposal is line with the objectives of the Hub, and whether there are adequate resources to start a new work cluster.  
  • Access to Train the Trainer course and other activities. Associates must cover own travel, accommodation and meal costs. 
  • Invitation to all events, workshops etc., organised around the annual Steering Group meeting.

To apply for partnership as an Associate to the Hub, please contact our Hub Programme coordinators, Samara Jones (samara.jones@housingfirst.wp.tri.haus) and Taina Hytönen (Taina.Hytonen@housingfirst.wp.tri.haus).