LIMOR provides housing, support, and a range of services to homeless people and people at risk of becoming homeless across the Netherlands. We are the driving force behind the national Housing First Netherlands platform, together with a few other organisations. At LIMOR, we are convinced that ending homelessness starts with providing housing (and support), and that an “ordinary home” offers the best opportunity for normalisation, recovery and social integration.

LIMOR delivers support according to the core principles of Housing First. The support work focuses on three related goals: (1) supplying and maintaining housing; (2) improving health and well-being; (3) promoting social integration. In 2011, LIMOR started Housing First in The Hague, quickly followed by Housing First projects in other parts of the country. Currently, LIMOR offers Housing First in the provinces Zuid-Holland, Friesland, Groningen and Overijssel, as well as a Housing First for Youth service in The Hague since 2018.

Collaboration is crucial to really make a change and realise an integrated approach throughout the Netherlands. United, we can give the revolutionary movement of Housing First the impact it deserves.