POD Maatschappelijke Integratie (Belgian Public Planning Service for Social Integration)

The Belgian Public Planning Service (PPS) for Social Integration was established by the Royal Decree of 12 December 2002. It manages the Belgian minimum income scheme for people of active age, and is responsible for preparing, developing, and coordinating the Belgian policy on the fight against poverty so that fundamental social rights are guaranteed to everyone in a sustainable manner.

After the Belgian Housing First experiment from 2013-2016, the PPS for Social Integration consolidated its coordinating role by creating the Housing First Lab, the Belgian centre of expertise on Housing First, enabling exchange of practices and knowledge between the different stakeholders. It also developed a network of international contacts, with several partners following the Train the Trainer organized by the Housing First Europe Hub. The Housing First Lab is also the driving force of several grant programmes, with federal funding from the National Lottery, to which local partners can subscribe. In this way, the PPS for Social Integration aims to further expand the Housing First model and monitor its fidelity, while keeping a sharp eye on developments in the field.