Housing First für Frauen / Housing First for Women

The Sozialdienst katholischer Frauen e.V. Berlin is an independent local women’s organisation of Caritas. It dedicates itself to the support for women and families, to child support and the support of endangered people. Counselling services are being offered, as well as facilities for child and youth support and integration aid for people with disabilities. Our work is based on the interaction of voluntary and professional staff. A resource-oriented approach, ‘helping to help oneself’, is the basis of all support offered.

In the field of homelessness services we provide support for homeless women. Our goal is to support homeless women to work towards a self-determined and resource-oriented life – Empowerment! Through our Housing First for Women services, homeless women receive a chance to reintegrate into society. Each woman chooses what to accomplish and what scale of support they draw from the project, striving to regain self-determination and empowerment. We are committed to accompanying each woman’s process!