Homeless Network Scotland

At Homeless Network Scotland, we believe homelessness in Scotland can be ended if we act together on what works and what matters. We are a membership organisation with a unique role to help grow the policy and system changes needed to resolve homelessness. And as a network, we:

• Connect people and places to drive change
• Learn from evidence and each other’s experiences
• Act on what works and what matters

Our 5 priorities and programmes are to (i) prioritise prevention (ii) support the transition to rapid rehousing (iii) end rough sleeping and destitution (iv) increase and improve opportunities for lived experience (v) help systems and culture change. Established in 1980, we draw from four decades of experience and learning to ensure that responses to homelessness keep moving forward and not back. We work hard to create earlier, better, fairer and more informed systems that value home and community and people’s choice and control.

We are committed to Housing First becoming the default option in Scotland for those whose homelessness is made harder by a range of other life challenges. To achieve this, our focus is on creating space for people to Connect, Learn and Act on Housing First across the country. We deliver a range of opportunities for people to come together and connect with each other, including the Housing First Scotland annual conference and regular Connect events. We work with partners to ensure we regularly review our progress towards our goal, including the publication of regular monitoring reports and the implementation of a Check-Up process that supports the quality of Housing First support services, fidelity to Housing First principles, and improvement methodology around local systems. And we promote Housing First know-how through regular updates to Scotland’s national Housing First framework, and a series of publications to promote learning across the country.