Y-Foundation is a social housing provider and the fourth largest landlord in Finland. Its mission is to enhance social justice so that everyone can have a home. It was founded in 1985 as a response to a serious housing shortage in Finland. The organisation offers rental homes for people experiencing homelessness and those who are under a threat of becoming homeless. It operates in close cooperation with local organisations in over 50 cities and municipalities in Finland. The foundation is based in Helsinki.

Y-Foundation is one of the key national developers of the Housing First principle in Finland. The foundation develops anti-homelessness efforts together with its partners in Finland and internationally. Y-Foundation manages the national Housing First Development Network in Finland and co-ordinates the Housing First Europe Hub. Y-Foundation is also closely involved in the national programmes to end homelessness. Finland is the only country in European Union where the number of homeless people is on the decline. Around 4,341 people are homeless in Finland at the moment (ARA 2021). The numbers have gone down from around 20,000 homeless in the 1980s.