Depaul is a cross-border organisation working in 5 main areas of service provision:
1. Prevention
2. Families & Young People
3. High Support Accommodation
4. Health & Rehabilitation
5. Housing
Depaul was established in 2002 in Ireland and 2005 in Northern Ireland. It is now a leading cross-border organisation. Our focus is upon those suffering homelessness and marginalisation, who need vital support and the opportunity to realise their true potential. We offer support and guidance to break the cycle of homelessness, and assist our service users in making positive choices for their future.

Depaul Housing is a subsidiary of Depaul Ireland and is an Approved Housing Body (AHB) with the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government. Depaul Housing was set up in response to the urgent need to source suitable move-on accommodation for those accessing Depaul’s homeless services, as well as people who are living in other homeless services.
Our Housing First project in Belfast, initiated as a pilot in 2013, was commissioned as an independent service in 2014 and then replicated in Derry/L’derry in 2015. The primary aim of Depaul Housing is to create good quality move-on accommodation for people exiting homeless services.