Insights from Poland – ‘Person First, Fidelity Second’

In this response article, published in the latest edition of the European Journal of Homelessness, Julia Wygnańska, Vice-President of the Housing First Poland Foundation, highlights local perspectives and factors to be considered when looking at the nature and potential of Housing First in Poland.

“Housing First (HF) is considered a “state of the art” programme in addressing homelessness and housing exclusion. It has been successfully scaled out and the research devoted to it has grown substantially (Aubry, 2020). Housing First programmes operate in Poland, but here it is seen as “a western thing”, which means better quality but unobtainable due to historical divisions such as the “iron curtain”. Regardless of the curtain, which is long gone, there are factors in the local context that should be considered while discussing the introduction of this sophisticated method and its fidelity to the western model.”

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