Housing First Evaluation Framework – Template

To support researchers and service providers seeking to assess Housing First services, the Research Cluster of the Housing First Europe Hub has developed an Evaluation Framework template for Housing First programs in Europe.

The framework proposes 2 different configurations:

  • Extended version: A version comprising different standardized and validated instruments per each area of the evaluation. This version would need a greater allocation of resources for its administration and ideally would be conducted by external researchers.
  • Reduced version: A selected list of core indicators in any Housing First program. The main idea is that this version can be easily administered by Housing First services and that it does not require a high resource allocation.

Download the framework here: Housing First Europe Evaluation Framework Template

We invite any researcher, organisation or Housing First service to freely use this evaluation framework. We only ask that you let us know when you are using the framework so that we can stay up to date on which services have undergone evaluation using this template – this is helpful to know when comparing data and outcomes from different services across Europe.

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Saija Turunen (saija.turunen@ysaatio.fi), Researcher at the Housing First Europe Hub, for further guidance on its use.

We hope you will find this template helpful and welcome your feedback and suggestions for improvement!