Guidelines on Housing Support during COVID19 Crisis – Habitat Housing First

Due to this situation of lockdown for the sake of public health in Spain, and taking into account the profile of our Housing First clients–people who formerly experienced homelessness, a COVID-19 high risk group-, the Housing First’s services portfolio has been deeply affected, decreasing dramatically its face-to-face intervention and delivering the most of its support through phone/smartphone-based solutions. The COVID-19 crisis raises a major challenge for routine work as mediation between clients and neighbours, damage or loss of keys, fires and floods, electricity and water supplies malfunctions, etc. This document aims to ensure that the EAV knows how to proceed in the several scenarios that may appear during this time, but we are fully aware that this crisis is changing every minute, so new versions of the document may be produced in order to update the information.

Guidelines on Housing Support during COVID19 Crisis (Habitat Housing First, Asociacion Provivienda – March 2020)