Resources & Research from Denmark

Housing First in Denmark: An Analysis of the Coverage Rate among Homeless People and Types of Shelter Users

This paper analyses the coverage rate of Housing First in the overall population of homeless people in Denmark. Results show that in the municipalities that were part of the program only one in twenty homeless people were enrolled in the program. Moreover, following Kuhn and Culhane’s (1998) typology of shelter users, the study examines the […]


Integrated approaches to combating poverty and social exclusion – Best practices from EU Member States

This publication of best practices to combat poverty and social exclusion includes Housing First projects from Italy and Denmark.


Lessons from Denmark on Housing First

Video about Housing First in Denmark, in Dutch, produced after a Belgian study visit to Denmark.


Testing a Typology of Homelessness Across Welfare Regimes: Shelter Use in Denmark and the USA

This article compares patterns of homeless shelter use in Denmark and the USA. The result support a hypothesis that countries with more extensive welfare systems and lower level of poverty have lower levels of homelessness, mainly amongst those with complex support needs. Countries with less extensive welfare systems homelessness affects broader groups and is more widely associated with poverty and housing affordability problems.