Housing First Guide

The Guide is a resource about Housing First in Europe. It has been designed to explain what Housing First is and how it actually works in a range of European contexts.

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For the last couple of years, the Housing First model approach has been gaining pace in Spain amongst the actors responsible for designing and implementing homelessness policies.

These policies fall within the competences of the Public System of Social Services at the regional and local level. The Ministry for Health, Social Services and Equality of the State General Administration plays a coordination role and co- finances the homelessness support networks. On the one hand, contributing to the maintenance of the Public Social Services Network in Spain with technical and financial support and on the other hand financing social entities, mainly through the Call for subsidies on the Personal Income Tax (I.R.P.F), which allocates more than 10€ million a year to projects aiming at tackling homelessness. These projects are implemented by social organisations, the third main player on the delivery of services to homeless people in Spain.