Inaugural Housing First Europe Hub Conference: 28-29th March 2022, Madrid

The Housing First Europe Hub would like to invite all of our partners and associate members, but also policy-makers, local and regional authorities, civil servants, NGOs, service providers, housing providers, and all interested parties to our first international conference, taking place from 28-29th March, 2022 in Madrid, Spain.

This event will provide a welcome opportunity for us to meet again in person after two years of the coronavirus pandemic, and build new networks with fellow stakeholders in the homelessness sector.

The purpose of the conference is to both explore the potential of Housing First to help individuals facing homelessness and to unlock systemic change. It provides a space for us all to compare progress in different countries and contexts, to gather our knowledge and tools, and to challenge traditional approaches to homelessness together, based on Housing First principles and values.

The conference will build on the findings of a forthcoming report on Housing First and systemic change by Demos Helsinki, commissioned by the Housing First Europe Hub.

Specifically, it will provide an opportunity to:

  • Explore the transformative potential of Housing First when allowed to challenge traditional responses to homelessness.
  • Conceptualize systemic change in homelessness.
  • Reflect on and discuss examples of different elements of systemic change.
  • Inspire and empower delegates to go much further than simply increasing Housing First provision.

This two-day conference will feature working sessionsexploring elements of systemic change that have been attempted and achieved in different European countries. We will hear from politicians, policy-makers, advocates, and service providers. We will also learn about how to access and use EU funds to upscale Housing First projects and implement Housing First-based policy strategies, as well as the role played by cities in reducing homelessness. Other working sessions will highlight and discuss country-specific examples where there is progress towards systemic change, such as the Czech Republic, Italy and France.

Through this event, we hope to help participants deepen their understanding of how systemic change might happen, together with new tools to start – or continue – this work in their own local, regional, or national contexts. We expect them to learn from their peers and colleagues in other countries, and return home with valuable lessons, new contacts and inspiration that will help them further their cause.

Together, we can shift the system to one that promotes long-term, sustainable housing solutions while reducing, ending and preventing homelessness.

For more information about the conference – including the latest programme, venue information, hotel recommendations, and how to register – please visit our main event page here.